Lucky Cement provides foods and shelter to flood victims

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To help the flood victims in Sindh and Baluchistan, Lucky Cement Limited has distributed thousands of Ration bags along with Shelter Camps for the flood victims in far flung areas including Dadu, Sanghar, Khairpur & Uthal. The Company has also distributed medicines, clothes, beddings and sanitary pads amongst a large number of affected population in various districts of Sindh & Baluchistan.

Lucky Cement Limited has also dispatched Medicine Packs that includes medicines for bacterial infections and first aid in order to prevent diseases amongst the victims.

In this time of crises, Lucky Cement Limited, Pakistan’s largest cement manufacturer has reached out to far-flung areas which were worst affected by the flash floods in North and South of Pakistan to provide relief to the victims.

The immense destruction of houses and damages to crops caused by the floods, made victims homeless and they are now in the state of starvation.

Lucky Cement Limited flood relief activities expands to different parts of KPK

Lucky Cement Limited has set up temporary shelters in various schools of Darra Pezu, Lakki Marwat, KPK for hundreds of families affected by the recent torrential rains and floods.

More than 800 families are being provided three-time meals in these temporary shelters. Moreover, thousands of ration bags containing food items have also been distributed amongst other families in the flood-affected areas.

Lucky Cement Limited has also setup one medical camp each in district Tank, DI Khan while three medical camps have also been established in Pezu, district Lakki Marwat where victims have been provided with free medicine packs and medical facilities.

These medical camps, which are led by doctors and trained medical staff are the part of relief campaign for flood sufferers by Lucky Cement limited. In addition to this, the company has also provide sanitary pads to thousands of women.

In Lakki Marwat and DI Khan majority of houses were demolished, crops were destroyed, roads and infrastructure were badly damaged and poor people are still traumatized. The company reiterated all possible support to all the affected families.



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