LMA University hosts a quality assurance webinar

Ilma University steps up the quality assurance paradigms through its on spot webinar on Pakistan and its Education – Trends, Quality & Challenges. This was organized by the Quality Assurance and Laison Department on Thursday, 3rd December. This webinar reflected the need of the era as the novel times called for newer strategies.

Mr Yousuf Ibn Ul Hasan, Director Planning and Development Metropolitan University led this webinar as its keynote speaker. He propagated the political changes that occurred across a timeline which affected the overall system of governance. Mr Yousuf landscaped the entire quality-centric principles which were crucial and formation of sturdy structures at a national level.

As the prominent speaker stated, ‘Quality is at the nucleus of any organisation which prospers by putting it into perspective for better prospects.’

He praised Ilma University for organizing a remarkable webinar of huge proportions and extensive outreach. This is no less than a great testimony that the University’s Quality Assurance Department is making strides in that right direction to inject quality in all dimensions and domains to lead to excellence in education.

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