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A function to commemorate the martyrdom of Shaheed-i-Milat Liaquat Ali Khan and Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, comprised recitation of holy verses, speeches, tableaus and dua-i-Said was held under the auspices of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter at a local hotel in Karachi yesterday.


Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan said that the month of October had a significant place in the calendar of Pakistan as two very important and dignified personalities, first prime minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan; and the torch bearer of promotion of health, education and development in Pakistan, Hakim Mohammed Said were killed in this month respectively on 16th October 1951 and 17th October 1998. However, these two great patriotic persons had made the foundation of Pakistan more solid and strong enriching it with their blood, she added.


‘It is a historical fact that the Muslims of subcontinent had made tremendous sacrifices of lives, wealth and property in making Pakistan, therefore, it is the main responsibility of new generation not let these sacrifices to go in vain at any cost and make Pakistan a developed and invincible state of the world’, she said, adding that when Liaquat Ali Khan was martyred the last words on his lips were: “May God Pakistan be safe forever”, and when Hakim Said was martyred he was just stepping into his matab to serve the ailing people. Mentioning the events of martyrdom of Liaquat Ali and Hakim Said, she burst into tears with abundance of passion and could not continue her speech.


Chief Guest and Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University while addressing the function said that there was a clear persuasion in the teachings of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) to acquire wordly knowledge. Muslims of early ages followed the instructions and made many discoveries and invented new knowledge that benefited the whole world, including Europe. But God knows what happened then that Muslims shun creating new knowledge and merely focused on religious knowledge. However, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan broke this inertia and made Muslim to understand the importance of modern knowledge and practically did a lot of work in this regard by launching an educational movement, which resulted in the creation of Pakistan, he added.


He said the educational movement of Sir Syed reached Pakistan through Liaquat Ali Khan and Hakim Said in particular and later made promotion of education in Pakistan his mission of life.


‘There are many things common in Sir Syed, Liaquat Ali and Hakim Said as all three gave importance to modernization, enlightenment and modern education and faced strong opposition by their opponents. But time has proved that these three great men of our nation were on right path, he said, adding: ‘The adversary forces have taken the life of Hakim Said, but failed to stop his noble mission, which is still going on and on under the leadership of his daughter, Mrs. Sadia Rashid and now it has become the mission of every youth of Pakistan’.


Young speakers Hamna Shakil, Hafiz Obaidur Rehman, Zeeshan Abbas, Fatima Hayat, Ali Asghar, Armish Arif and Sajid Ali also spoke.

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