Launching ceremony of Sohail Warraich’s new book “The Party is over”

Senior journalist and analyst Sohail Warraich said that the giants of injustice in the world never goes without struggle unless the democracy flourish its factions. He said the giants of injustice never leave except there is a strong effort to spared justice in the society. Sohail Warraich expressed his views on Friday while addressing his new book “The Party is Over”, launching ceremony organized on 27th July in Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. Sohail Warraich said that today people want “Tabdeeli” as soon as they get up in the morning. “There is no change in any society unless there is a strong struggle”, said Sohail Warraich. “Democracy will flourish with time and we all should take part to keep the light of democracy alive”, he added. Sohail Warraich said that the trial of Imran Khan begins from today and now whatever he will say and do for fulfilling what he has promised, will be accountable for all the actions from now on.

Senior journalist Mahmood Shaam said that the title of book “The Party is over” is remains just a title however the real party has begun now. He said that Sohail Warraich is among the most important journalists in journalism, whose relationship with art and literature is still maintained. He added that Sohail Warraich writes a symbolic column and his columns have logic and arguments.

Mr. Shaam said that today the majority of talk shows rely more on noise rather than arguments. “Democracy is alive in Pakistan and we all have to work for its development”, said Mahmood Sham.

Shakeel Adil Zada, a prominent person of Urdu literature, said that Sohail Warraich is one of those columnists who write his opinions in a very generous Urdu and if he wants, he can also take steps in the world of fictions and novels.

Mazhar Abbas, a senior journalist said that if you analyses the general election 2018, you will perceive that party is not over for a single party, it has been over for many other parties holding a majority. He added that a good columnist is the one whose columns are not only consisting of opinions yet a predictable news as well. He appreciated Sohail Warraich’s journalistic abilities, saying that his interviews and writings have always been unique.

The president of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Mohammad Ahmad Shah said that journalism today is observing the worst case scenario and the major reason why it is thought, is because it has become a common perception that education is not important to be a journalist. He added that Sohail Warraich not only write columns, but also provide the extended overview of national politics in his columns. He said that it is a great honor that Arts Council Karachi is organizing such huge welcoming ceremony for Sohail Warraich’s book “The Party is over”.

Senior analyst Imtiaz Alam said that Sohail Warraich holds as interesting personality as he writes his analyzed columns.

Fazil Jamili, senior journalist and poet said that Sohail Warraich has promoted Urdu language through journalism and his columns initiates the reader towards literature. On this momentous session, Dr. Ayyub Sheikh also presented his views on the creative writing skills of Sohail Warraich where Uzma Al-Karim was the host for the session.

Later, Sohail Warraich presented his new book “The Party is over” to all the guests and showed his gratitude towards Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi management for making the event historical.

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