Lasbela Chamber urges Government to start work on Hub River Bridge, Hub Bypass, and Sakran Road

An urgent meeting of the Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held at the office of the chamber today to review the progress on the restoration of road links between Karachi and Lasbela. Addressing the meeting, Mr. Ismail Suttar, former president and Chairman of the Infra Structure Committee of LCCI stated that the industries and the people are badly suffering due to the devastation of roads and bridges in Balochistan. He has drawn the attention of the National Highway Authority to the gravity of the situation and to urgently initiate the steps as discussed in their meeting with LCCI on August 13, 2022.

He further stated that Lasbela is the industrial hub of Balochistan and the collapse of the Hub river bridge has affected the industrial logistic activity between factories, port, and other parts of the country. Its impact has forced the industrialist to shut down many units or reduce production. This is adding to the misery of the local flood-affected people of Lasbela and would mark a drop in revenue generated from this area.

The of LCCI expressed deep concern about the delay in starting the construction of the new bridge on the Hub River which is the main link between the port city of Karachi and Balochistan. It was also noted that no work has been resumed on the construction of the causeway on the western side of the collapsed bridge, although the flow of water through the Hub River has reduced enough to start and complete the work on the causeway to provide a temporary substitute for the traffic.

LCCI has urged the Provincial government to start working to make the Hub bypass, a duel carriage road. Presently, the entire traffic between Karachi and Balochistan is using this bypass and this is insufficient to bear a load of heavy traffic between provinces round the clock. The LCCI further drew the attention of the provincial government to reinforce the bridge on the bypass and repair the bypass road on SOS basis so that the safety of the people and vehicles using the Hub bypass is not compromised and industrial logistics could return to normal.

LCCI once again urged upon the construction of Sakran road on international standards on a permanent basis as an alternate road for Hub. Adequate security arrangements and patrolling on this road should also be started. It is critical to keep the Sakran Road in useable condition as the alternate excess from Karachi.

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