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Largest container vessel ever to berth Hutchison Ports Pakistan.

According to Karachi Port Trust (KPT), today marked a significant milestone in Pakistan’s maritime history as the largest container vessel, MSC Anna, docked at SAPT (South Asia Pakistan Terminals) at 3:00 PM local time. With its imposing presence, MSC Anna stood as a testament to the nation’s growing maritime capabilities.

Rear Admiral Rizwan Ahmed, the esteemed General Manager of Operations, was present to oversee the monumental event. His presence underscored the importance of this momentous occasion for SAPT and the broader maritime industry.

On the occasion, Hutchison Ports Pakistan also welcomes the maiden call of the CV MSC ANNA, the largest container vessel ever to berth in Pakistan. This milestone underscores the terminal’s advanced capabilities and strategic significance in the region.

MSC ANNA, one of the largest vessels with an overall length of 400 meters, exemplifies the scale of operations that Hutchison Ports Pakistan can efficiently handle as the country’s only deep-water container terminal. The terminal has state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, ensuring seamless management of ultra-large container vessels.

“Hutchison Ports Pakistan is thrilled to host such colossal ships, a testament to our unwavering commitment to bolster Pakistan’s maritime industry,” expressed CS Kim, CEO of Hutchison Ports Pakistan. “Our facility has consistently managed large vessels, previously berthing ships with capacities up to 14,000 TEUs and lengths of 366 meters. With the arrival of the CV MSC ANNA, which has a length of 400 meters and a capacity of 19,368 TEUs, we continue to showcase our ability to handle the largest vessels efficiently.”

The arrival of these larger vessels is poised to reduce shipping costs significantly. The accommodation of such massive vessels is projected to augment government revenue through increased port activities and trade substantially. This surge of larger vessels underscores the terminal’s pivotal role in fortifying Pakistan’s position in global trade and fostering the nation’s economic growth, a promising outlook for the future.


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