Khawaja becomes Vice Chairman of the PDA

The CEO of one of the country’s premier food and beverage company, Haleeb Foods Ltd., Memosh Khawaja has been appointed the Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Dairy Association. The PDA, since its inception in 1985, has played a pivotal role in providing leaders of the dairy industry a platform to help, guide and regulate this sector for generations to come.  

Memosh Khawaja has been the driving force behind the recent success of HFL. Armed with over 25years of experience working for top global corporations, he took over Haleeb Foods Ltd. as CEO in 2017. Under his guidance and management, HFL has spearheaded into three new categories – juices, flavoured milk and have created a whole new packaged milk sub-segment of value-for-money milk. He has since then been leading the charge by steadily transforming the company and diversifying its portfolio into a modern, contemporary, forward-looking company in terms of its people, processes and plants.

Commenting on his appointment at PDA, Memosh Khawaja stated that, “It is indeed a great honor to be chosen for the position at the Pakistan Dairy Association. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the country’s industry leaders, I am very confident that we will be able to further solidify Pakistan’s dairy sector and capitalize its position as one of the world’s leading dairy producers.”

Haleeb Foods Ltd. being the pioneer of the dairy industry in Pakistan has always been setting benchmarks with a strong and uncompromising emphasis on purity, quality and nutrition. Memosh Khawaja’s appointment as Vice Chairman PDA further cements his position as a key influencer in shaping policies governing the dairy industry of Pakistan. He will be contributing to further PDA’s cause to establish strong backward and forward linkages amongst all the stakeholders in private as well as public sector.

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