Khalq Cattle Farm launches with vibrant social media presence, offering best breeds of sacrificial animal

A cattle farm that offers best Pakistani breeds of sacrificial animals that are kept in most clean, modern, and scientifically maintained environment was inaugurated in Gadap Town area, off M-9 section of motorway.  The Khalq Cattle Farm from the day one of its inauguration provides an opportunity to its customers as either to physically visit the farm off M-9 motorway or do a virtual visit of it while using dedicated facebook page, youtube channel, or website of the farm. “We run perhaps the most unique website for our farm that contains all the relevant and detailed information of every sacrificial animal being sold at our farm,” said Asif Shehzad, managing partner of the Khalq Cattle Farm, on the occasion of inauguration.

The sacrificial animals kept at the Khalq Cattle Farm also participated in a specially arranged “Catwalk show” for the prospective customers on the occasion of inauguration of the farm.

“We are keeping here some 500 to 550 sacrificial animals as they mostly belong to the best Cholistani and Sahiwal breed as they are kept here in a fully clean environment after vaccinating them all so that our prospective customers should not face any kind of difficulty after doing their annual Eidul Azha purchase,” said Imtiaz Sheikh, manager Operations of the farm.

“With live weight of the sacrificial animals ranging between 900 kilograms to 1200 kgs, we have been providing the best rates in the city as our prospective customers could purchase from us the most beautiful animals belonging to special breeds on first come first serve basis on this occasion of Eidul Azha,” he said.

He said that most of the animals had been bred during the past 24 months while the cattle farm had also started rearing animals for Eidul Azha of coming two years.

“We have been raising them mostly using organic feed while providing them virtually the natural environment of animal rearing,” he said.

“Mostly other managers of makeshift cattle farms that emerge on the occasion of Eidul Azha don’t believe in observing the cleanliness and that causes serious repercussions for health and safety of the animals, which in turn is also harmful for the financial interests of the prospective customers. But here we fully believe in maintaining the cleanliness throughout the annual Eid sale season,” said Riaz Hussain, manager Administration of the farm.

“Most importantly we don’t at all believe in using boosters to artificially enhance health of our animals that has been a regular feature in the makeshift cattle farm business during the season of Eidul Azha,” he said.

“We have all been doing this without any support from the government. Neither the government provides us any necessary road infrastructure nor it does any serious effort to provide water and electric supply to our farms. These are the basic infrastructural requirements that should be fulfilled for the sake of promotion of livestock business in the province but unfortunately all such announcements by the government authorities remain confined either to annual budget speeches or to other public ceremonies,” he said.

“The Karachities are known for fetching best and most beautiful sacrificial animals for their families on the occasion of Eidul Azha. With the Khalq Cattle Farm offering the best prices, range, and varieties of animals, all they required is either to visit us physically at our farm or virtually through our vibrant presence on Internet and social media. They are guaranteed to get the most beautiful sacrificial animals on most suitable prices on first come first serve basis, said Rameez Manzoor, another managing partner of the farm.

“We have launched our cattle farm much before Eidul Azha to maximally facilitate our prospective customers who now gets ample time to select among our widest range of best-bred and scientifically kept sacrificial animals,” he said.

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