KE safety week reaffirms employee commitment to Karachi

KE recently concluded its annual Safety Week for 2023, a company-wide exercise focused on creating awareness regarding the importance of safety at the workplace and homes. This year’s theme of “Hifazat Muqaddam apnay liye aur Apno ke liye” reiterated the company’s commitment towards ensuring the best safety practices in their behavior and operations in the interest of its customers.

Safety Week encompassed activities driving awareness across electrical safety, road safety, emergency prepardeness, and wellbeing. Employees from across the company including KE’s Leadership participated in a number of webinars, workshops, and training sessions on pertinent topics. A significant component was also collaboration with external partners and giving back to the community. In this regard, KE teams were invited by NEPRA to conduct a live webinar on HSE culture with representation from distribution and generation companies across Pakistan. KE teams shared their success story on transforming the organizational culture and the best practices that can be implemented to elevate the safety standards in the power sector. Engagement sessions were also conducted with students of NED and Ziauddin University along with primary and secondary schools across the city to further the safety narrative.

Safety also encompasses a clean operating environment. In this regard, KE has collaborated with Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) to initiate projects to clean its customer care centers, sub-stations, and area offices in Karachi. and an HSE training was also conducted for SSWMB workers regarding their safety and to sensitise their leadership. Additionally, KE also collaborated with Driving License Sindh to set up a camp for issuing driving licenses to KE employees.

Mr. Kashif Qureshi, Safety Director at SEPCO was also invited to visit KE premises to observe the company’s protocols and processes to maintain a safe operating environment. Chairman NEPRA, Tauseef H Farooqi attended the closing ceremony as the Chief Guest.

NEPRA Chairman, Mr. Tauseef H Farooqi appreciated the efforts of KE pertaining to its quest for safety at all levels which is also in line with one of NEPRA’s CSR pillars, ‘Power with safety’. He said, “I am pleased to acknowledge the efforts made by KE towards ensuring public safety during the torrential rains of 2022. The fact that KE achieved its target of zero public accidents, which is a commendable achievement.”

Reflecting on his experience, Mr. Kashif Qureshi shared “Safety mechanisms installed at any space, be it the workplace or residence are imperative to the wellbeing of everyone and are part of basic human need which cannot be taken lightly. I’m glad that KE has embarked upon such an initiative which branches out into many levels of safety and addresses all such needs pertaining to maintaining a safe environment at work. Other organisations can follow suit and learn from their framework.”

“At KE, we strongly believe that charity begins at home and therefore we lay great emphasis on the safety of all our stakeholders to ensure that no stone is left unturned to create awareness at a mass level regarding safety needs at varying levels,” said Moonis Alvi, CEO KE, “The Safety Week is our resolve towards setting a precedence regarding what a safe environment entails holistically and how we go about achieving this.”

In a nutshell, the Safety Week demonstrates the commitment to safety and reinforces it as part of the workplace culture by educating employees, recognising achievements, and giving back to the community. 

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