KE asserts that the recent tariff adjustment will not be entirely applicable on consumer bills

Spokesperson K-Electric reiterates that different figures ranging from PKR 4 upwards being circulated in media circles as increase in consumer bills are misleading.

According to the Spokesperson, “Some News Channels and Publications have quoted a figure of more than PKR 4 being increased in the end consumers’ monthly bills which is incorrect. It is the Ministry of Energy (MoE) which has the authority to notify how much will be passed on to the consumer and over which period of time that amount is to be billed. As per the normal procedure any increase is spread over a period of months so as to alleviate any burden on the end consumer.”

NEPRA regulates and governs the tariff structure and sets the tariff for all Distribution companies including K-Electric as per the ‘Uniform Tariff Policy’ through which electricity rates are the same throughout the country.

















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