KATI welcomes drop in petroleum prices, calls for immediate transportation cost reductions

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The Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) has applauded the recent significant reduction in petroleum prices. President Johar Qandhari emphasized that this decrease in petrol and diesel prices should directly benefit the common man.

Qandhari pointed out that while transporters quickly raise fares when petrol prices increase, they have not correspondingly reduced fares despite recent price cuts. This inaction has kept the cost of goods transportation high, affecting both industry and the general public, who continue to face high public transport fares.

President KATI called on the government and relevant authorities to enforce fare reductions for both freight and public transportation. He argued that lowering transportation costs is essential to reducing inflation and allowing the public to benefit from the government’s positive decision.

Highlighting the ongoing issues of inflation, poverty, and unemployment, Qandhari noted the severe impact of rising food prices on the poor. He stressed the need for the benefits of reduced petroleum prices to be effectively communicated and passed on to the public.

Furthermore, Qandhari urged that the reduction in petroleum prices should translate into immediate cuts in the cost of goods transportation. He pointed out that industries are currently burdened with record-high costs due to expensive cargo shipping and freight services, a situation that he described as unsustainable.

Qandhari reiterated his demand for the transport sector to adjust fares in line with the reduced petroleum prices, ensuring that the economic relief reaches all segments of society.


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