KATI urged to restore Rangers with powers in Karachi

Petron in chief of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry(KATI) SM Muneer, President Masood Naqi, Senior Vice president Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Vice President of the association Umer Rehan uploaded the efforts of Pakistan Rangers Sindh for law enforcement and maintaining peace in Karachi, in a joint statement. Office bearers of the association also showed their concern that if Rangers wouldn’t be deployed with legal powers , law and order situation of Karachi could be disturbed and criminal elements could be activate to take advantage of absence of paramilitary force from the streets and roads of the city.

SM Muneer said that law and order situation become far much better than past, Rangers has maintained sense of security in among the citizens of Karachi. He said that peaceful environment is a basic requirement for economic activities, and other Law Enforcement Agencies along with Rangers made efforts to provide such atmosphere in Karachi. He said that Rangers acted against criminal, terrorist, extortionist and other perpetrators unlawful activities with the full force, and these efforts restored sense of security in the city.

President KATI Masood Naqi urged that keeping current situation and past records in view, Rangers should be deployed with its full legal authority. “Rangers and LEAs restored confidence of Industrialists, Traders and investors and it is resulted as Karachi become the economic hub of Pakistan in a true spirit” he said.

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