KATI slams one-sided administrative actions against renovated roundabouts of KIA

Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) expressed grave concern over administrative action on roundabouts of Korangi Industrial Area and termed it as a misplaced step. President KATI Saleem-uz-Zaman said that on the request of municipal administration KATI asked the industries to adopt roundabouts of KIA to play their role in the beautification of the city and as a CSR initiative.

He mentioned that on our request and assurances of private administration companies invested millions of rupees for the beautification of these roundabouts and were paying hundreds of thousands for the maintenance every month. “now abruptly the administration people came and stripped off this renovated roundabout based on an order against advertisement on public place” he added.

He said roundabouts in KIA were adopted and it cannot be called advertisement in a strict sense. He urged the local bodies minister of Sindh Nasir Ali Shah and Commissionaire Karachi to take immediate notice of this action and take necessary steps to revise it. He further said that these one-sided and not well-deliberated actions would shackle the confidence of business confidence for playing their such role in future.

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