KATI sees gas load shedding as set back to economy

Patron-in-Chief of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) SM Muneer, President Danish Khan, Senior Vice President Faraz-ur-Rehman and Vice President Maheen Salman expressed grave concerns over interrupted gas supply to the industry and captive power plants in Karachi.

According to a statement released by KATI SM Muneer said that in a recently meeting with the Prime Minister, Imran Khan categorically reaffirmed that no load shedding of gas will be observed for the industry of Karachi in coming months, so that export targets could be met.

President Danish Khan said that industry has already told the federal and provincial governments that interruption in gas supply will directly hit the industrial production and will impact national economy adversely. He said that due to gas load shedding captive power plants facing sever issues and this was affecting particularly Pharmaceutical industry, where production of life saving drugs could also come to halt, the consequences would be drastic on the common people life, he noted.

Danish Khan was of view that already industrial production facing a lot of hurdles and gas load shedding will directly affect the export oriented industrial sector. He added that PM Khan also said on many occasions that the only way to stable economy is to boost our exports , but in current situation it would be near to impossible while the export related industry were facing sever energy issues. He also urged the federal government to provide the due share of gas production of Sindh under the constitutional obligation, as the industry and domestic consumer couldn’t bear gas shortage and were deprived of their basic right under the law of land. He further said that interruption in gas supply is totally unacceptable for industry and authorities should make sure its uninterrupted availability to the industrial sector and to the captive power plants.

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