KATI lands hope on Prime Minister’s Package for exporters

Patron-in-Chief of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) S M Muneer and President KATI Masood Naqi welcome Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s package for exporters in a statement released by the association. S M Muneer Said that Rs 180bn package for exporters would help the local industry to compete in international arena, and to fight back other challenges faced by manufacturers and exporters.

He said that with the announcement of the package, opportunities for export and industrial sector’s stability are become brighter.

Muneer also applauded the measures to reduce taxation and cut into import duties of export related items.

President of KATI Masood reminded that steps for reduction in production cost of industries were long awaited demand of industrial community of the country; many of our concerns are being addressed in this purposed package. “But there are other factors are awaited for further steps. High price of energy contributes the major part of cost of doing business in Pakistan, other infrastructural reforms should be trigger up without further delay, to reinstate the confidence of industry and exports sectors” he noted. Masood hoped that along with special package, government will consider to shape up a long term strategy, with consultation of Industrialist and business community with larger perspective to make sustainable guidelines for country’s economy.

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