KATI congratulates MQM on securing key chairmanships in national assembly standing committees

The Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) President, Johar Qandhari, extended his congratulations to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for obtaining the chairmanship of four standing committees in the National Assembly. He expressed particular congratulations to the newly elected Chairman of the Standing Committee for Trade, Javed Hanif, and the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Industrial Production, Hafeezuddin Advocate. Qandhari emphasized the high expectations the business community has for these leaders in fostering economic stability.

President Qandhari highlighted the challenges exporters and industrialists face due to substantial taxes and the change in the fixed tax regime included in the recent budget. He voiced hope that the new chairmen would take effective steps to alleviate these issues and play a crucial role in reviving Pakistan’s economy, given their understanding of the industrial sector’s problems.

“The newly elected chairmen are expected to collaborate with stakeholders to formulate and implement a long-term economic policy that will enhance investment and industrialization, create employment opportunities, and drive the country toward development,” said Qandhari. He assured the full cooperation of the business community, particularly the industrialists from the Korangi industrial area, who significantly contribute to the nation’s exports.

Qandhari also congratulated MQM leaders Farooq Sattar and Syed Aminul Haq on their appointments. He noted that the MQM’s control of important committees, such as those on Privatization and IT, holds direct implications for Pakistan’s economic growth. He stressed the need for decisive actions to enhance the privatization of loss-making institutions and boost IT exports.

President Qandhari appealed to MQM’s leadership to actively voice the concerns of the business community in the National Assembly and Senate. He underscored the urgency of addressing the current economic crisis through unified action by all political parties, prioritizing the nation’s interests.


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