KATI condemns attack on Chinese consulate

Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) condemned terrorists attack on Chinese consulate and paid tribute to the martyrs of Sindh police sacrificed their live during fight against the attackers. In a joint statement Patron in Chief of KATI SM Muneer, President Danish Khan, Chairman & CEO KITE Zubair Chhaya, Senior Vice President Faraz- ur-Rehman and Vice President Maheen Salman condemned the attack and demanded in-depth inquiry of the incident.

Patron-in-Chief of KATI SM Muneer said that the resentful anti Pakistan elements want to distance us from China but our relations are unconditional and evergreen, such cowardly attacks cannot create any gulf between the two closest friendly countries. He said that this is time to stand firm with the government and the state institutions for guarding the CPEC and the precious relationship with China.
President KATI Danish Khan said that enemies of the nation had unveiled their intentions and this attack was one of the clear message, but as a nation and entire business community cordially believe in Pak-China friendship. He said that we pay tribute to the slain policemen who sacrificed their life for a national cause to protect Pakistan’s prosperity and our most precious asset our Chinese friends. He urged to investigate the event and bring the culprits to the justice.

Chairman and CEO KITE Zubair Chhaya applauded the quick response of Sindh Police and paid tribute to the martyrs of police.



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