KATI condemned extremist attacks on store selling Pakistan products in India

President of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) Masood Naqi, Senior Vice President Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Vice President of KATI Umer Rehan has condemned the attacks carried out by extremist Hindu Nationalist on stores ,selling Pakistan fabric and garments, in India.

In a joint statement response to this incident by Foreign office was appreciated. Masood Naqi said that this issue should be raised on diplomatic and international forums as well. He said that government and business community of Pakistan always tried to promote bilateral trade between both countries with broadminded approach but Indians always betrayed these efforts with their shortsighted agendas. Naqi said that Pakistani products created space in Indian markets just because of quality. “On other side smuggled Indian fabric and garment items into Pakistan are heavily affecting our market and industry too” he noted. Masood Naqi said that instead of difficult situation Pakistani government and business community tried to provide smooth environment to promote bilateral trade with India but never answered by reciprocal efforts. Masood Naqi said that people of Pakistan and the business community are proud of their national identity, if government would take any step to respond such unfortunate incidents, we will stand firm on its side.

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