KATI chides uneven electricity tariff for Karachi’s consumers

President of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) said that consumers of Karachi has deprived of electricity tariff cut which is not acceptable. In a statement he referred to a decision of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) in which Rs 2.6 per unit has cut off, but this relief has denied to consumers of K Electric. Naqi said that not only the consumers of Karachi have deprived of this relief, K Electric increased pc48 per units its tariff.

He said Karachi produces more than half of the exports of Pakistan , more than 10 pc of country’s population lives in the city , whit these credentials the consumers were not receiving the relief in electricity tariffs, rather than this we are paying higher prices as compare to other parts of country, by giving the reason of privatization of K Electric. He reminds the authorities that industrial and domestic consumers of Karachi were already paying higher prices. Masood Naqi has further said that due to expensive electricity our industry and exports are suffering and legging behind in the international market, keeping this in view Industrial sector of Karachi should be provided relief in terms of tariff and other utilities. Masood Naqi said that PM Nawaz Sharif always took the concerns of Industry, personally. “PM should take the notice of this decision and direct for the measures to provide relief to Karachites”, he demanded.

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