KATI chides over harassment incidents of Businessmen by FBR officials

President of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) Masood Naqi, Vice President Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Vice President Umer Rehan showed their concern over harassment to business community caused by unjustified action of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), in a joint statement. They urged the government to stop the series of action taken by revenue collection official those are causing sense of insecurity amongst business community.

Masood Naqi said that we are receiving such complains that collectors from non relevant circles to Korangi Industrial Area are frequently troubling Industrialist of the area, baselessly and in unjustified manner. He said that such ill intended activities by collectors are spreading wave of annoyance in business and industrialist community, and it would also can affect the business activities also, which can also disturb the economic growth of the country. Masood said that business and industrial community of the country always make their effort to enhance revenue and tax collection to boost national exchequer strength. “FBR should make procedures smooth and easy going for tax return submission” he demanded.

Masood Naqi said that we always cooperate with FBR and other government authorities, if FBR wants to expand tax net, facilities should be provided to already taxpaying citizens.
Masood Naqi urged PM Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and newly appointed Chairman FBR Dr. Muhammad Irshad to resolve the concerns business community regarding harassment by tax collection officials. He further said that if officials and authorities will give facilities and respect to the taxpayers it would help them out to spread tax net without any additional effort.

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