K-Electric’s $450 million transmission enhancement project in full swing;

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Development work is currently underway in areas of North Karachi and Surjani Town where two 220 kV towers have been erected for expansion of transmission network in the area. The two pylons will connect the transmission lines to the new 220 KV grid station being developed in Surjani.

This new Grid Station is expected to commence operations by end of December 2018 and is part of a $450million transmission enhancement project aimed to enhance reliability of electricity to the area. Upgradation work is also being carried out at the existing grid station serving the Surjani area.

K-Electric aims to ensure a smoother and more reliable power network with the help of its Transmission Enhancement Project (TP-1000), which is being carried out in different parts of the city. The project will add 1,000 MVa in K-Electric’s transmission network. The scope of this project includes addition 7 new grid stations along with new power transformers and circuits as well upgradation of existing transmission infrastructure.

Spokesperson K-Electric shared that “TP-1000 is part of the utility’s commitment and vision to serve its customers by investing in infrastructure. Through continuous upgradation and construction of new network, the power supply would improve further for our valuable customers.”

An efficiency expansion plan for existing grids and power transformers would also reduce transmission losses for areas ensuring a more stable electricity supply. 8 grid stations have already been enhanced by commissioning of new 40 MVA power transformers and 10 new overhead and underground transmission lines of about 130 km would also be laid out whilst rehabilitating the existing transmission circuits. Rehabilitation of Three existing lines has also been completed.

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