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K-Electric has launched its Aerial Bundle Cable project in the Metroville area of SITE, Orangi in collaboration with local community and area representatives. KE announced that its commitment to convert High-loss areas to low-loss and load-shed free areas was on track. Metroville, Orangi is a high loss area with rampant electricity theft. KE’s teams, through continuous engagement with the community and stakeholders, have started the groundwork for ABC installation in the area. Currently the area has over 3,400 connections which would be converted to ABC, whereas additional 300 new low cost and subsidized meters would be installed as part of this project. Keeping in view its Corporate Social Responsibility KE would also install a Water Purification Plant in the area so as to provide clean water to the residents.


Spokesperson KE added that Kundas and electricity theft is the single largest cause of faults and trippings. Aerial Bundles Cables are kunda resistant and therefore help curb electricity theft while also enhancing the reliability of electricity supply.  ABC installations in under privileged communities are coupled with new low-cost meters as part of K-Electric’s CSR initiatives to facilitate residents. Successful installations in Orangi come after completion of ABC projects in Rehmat Chowk, Altaf Town, Ghazdarabad among other areas. These areas have been successfully converted to low-loss areas and hence, are now load-shed free communities.

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