K-Electric committed to facilitating industrial customers after government’s decision to curtail gas to captive power plants

K-Electric is fully committed and engaged with industry stakeholders to ensure fresh electricity connections as well as load-enhancement for its industrial consumers. The power utility has always prioritized its industrial customers and continues to do so following the recent decision of the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) to discontinue gas supply to captive power plants of non-export related industries. It has been working round the clock to ensure that there is minimal disruption to industrial activities.

As per surveys conducted by the power utility, the overall load-requirement/load-enhancement of captive power plants that will be connected to the grid is around 747 MW, spread across 743 customers. More than 500 customers have already been contacted by the power utility for load requirements amounting to around 300 MW. Permission for survey for load-requirement or load-enhancement is still awaited from around 100 customers.

The power utility’s Network Planning team has charted out a detailed plan to highlight the captive requirement of industrial zones and the investment required to facilitate this requirement. Based on the current surveyed load an investment plan of approximately PKR 3.7 billion has already been finalized, which will be increased based on the completion of further surveys and load requirement. Working on a fast track, out of the 743 customers, more than 120 applications are already under process for new connection or load enhancement for a total of around 130 MW and 16 applications for total load of 17 MW has already been eneregized, comprising both new connections as well as load-enhancement.

The entire effort is being overseen by the K-Electric leadership and delegations led by Amer Zia, Chief Distribution Officer have already visited several industry associations, including Federal B Area Association of Trade & Industry (FBATI), Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry (BQATI), North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) and the SITE Superhighway Association of Trade Industry (SSHATI). These visits were held to brief them on the power utility’s approach in line with their needs and to make sure their concerns regarding quantity, quality and reliability of power supply are addressed.

Multiple visits of all other leading industry associations as well as engagements with industrial representatives have been carried out by the power utility’s Network Planning and its Distribution teams. All these visits have been carried out in the last three weeks as part of the power utility’s commitment to expedite the shift of captive customers to the grid. Helpdesks have been set up at all the above mentioned trade associations as well as at SITE Association of Industry and the Landhi Association of Trade & Industry (LATI) to facilitate industrial customers with regards to their new connections requests and load enhancement.




K-Electric is also in continuous engagement with Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) and other stakeholders including the city administration to discuss the way forward and issues such as right-of-way, etc. KE hopes that all concerned stakeholders will also play a facilitating role in line with the government’s commitment to expedite new connections.




As part of its continuous engagement with industrial consumers, which have always been a priority for KE, delegations under the leadership of Moonis Alvi CEO of K-Electric have met with trade and industry leaders over the past few months to address their concerns.



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