Ilma University’s VC appointed as the Head of the save the Environment Think Tank Committee

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Mansoor Uz Zafar Dawood delivered a prestigious address at the ice-breaker forum of Feroza Environmental Protection Organization (FEPO). He extended his felicitations on the groundbreaking formation of the Karachi Save the Environment Committee. Dr Mansoor Uz Zafar Dawood remarked that to create awareness regarding the environment is the need of the times. The present government is taking revolutionary steps in this direction so civil society and welfare organizations should also come forward to play their part in this.

He further stated that Ilma University has always remained at the forefront in solving these issues and encouraged those individuals who took strides in this direction. Ilma University has proven to be a strong force in this monumental domain. Dr Mansoor also resolved that he along with his entire team would be actively involved in Karachi Save the Environment Forum’s noble cause.

This auspicious forum was attended by the esteemed environmental experts, lawyer community, health professionals, reps of NGOs, teachers of all levels, communities and civil society. The prominent participants shed light on the different aspects of environmental damage. They reiterated that Pakistan is included among those countries which have been severely affected by the environmental and climatic changes.

Karachi, the port city of Pakistan is itself a victim of natural catastrophes. According to the experts, this forum would serve to reach out to all common and influential persons as well as draw the attention of the government at the district, provincial and federal levels. It would certainly accomplish its paramount mission.

The Forum’s host and Feroza’s chief editor Mahmood Alam Khalid appointed Dr Mansoor Uz Zafar Dawood as the head of the Forum’s Think Tank Committee whereas other committees would be formed in the next official gathering.

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