IGI Global USA publishes UIT Faculty Member, Dr. Muhammad Wasim’s research work in its latest edition

Upholding its mantle of being Pakistan’s leading science and technology institution, Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) announced in its statement that one of the world’s leading international academic publishers IGI Global of USA has published its faculty member, Dr. Muhammad Wasim’s research work in its latest edition titled “Encyclopaedia of Information Science and Technology – 4th Edition”.

Dr. Muhammad Wasim is one of leading research professors in the Department of Computer Science at UIT in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. He has been at the forefront of a research project involving facial recognition systems. His innovative new facial recognition system is based on a dot-based grid design used to recognise human faces. It not only decreases chances of error, but also completely does away with health risks that previous facial recognition systems posed.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Wasim expressed his delight stating, “Facial recognition systems are considered to be the most significant application of image analysis in this day and age.” He explained further that, “The benefits of a dot-based grid enable reduced noise effect and easy extraction of coordinates for a human face. I would like to thank UIT for all of its support and will continue to work further the applications of this technology in law enforcement and commercial domains.”

Founded in 1988, IGI Global, headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania (USA), is a leading international academic publisher of more than 3,600 reference books, 170 journals, encyclopaedias, teaching cases, proceedings, and databases focusing on the areas of Science and Information Technology.

Dr. Zahir Ali Syed, Director, UIT, commented on this momentous achievement and said,”Encyclopaedia of Information Science and Technology – 4th edition is a huge collection of recent research trends and applications of different authors from all over the world. We are extremely proud of Dr. Wasim for his achievement and will do everything to further his research and take it to greater heights.”

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