Huo Junli, CEO of Zong 4G, visits PTA.

The CEO and Chairman of Zong 4G (CMPak), Mr. Huo Junli, met with the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Major General (Retd.) Hafeez ur Rehman on Monday, 9th October, to discuss matters related to the growth of Pakistan’s telecom industry. The leaders of Zong 4G and PTA addressed the future of digitalisation in the country and the mutual efforts that can go into furthering innovation and growth.

The discussion was centred on creating an environment of social and digital inclusion, striving to develop an extensive network that covers the length and breadth of the country, giving life to a new era of connectivity through the widespread adoption of technology. Mr. Junli also stressed the importance of digital enablement through innovative technologies.

Chairman PTA, Maj. Gen. Rehman expressed PTA’s resolve to strengthen the digital ecosystem and to equip it to become an inclusive stage for the country to prosper.

The meeting was a fruitful exchange of ideas that will ultimately result in the entire industry’s progress as both players aligned their collective visions for the country’s future.

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