Homage paid to founder Editor of SHE magazine Zuhra Karim

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Karachi Editors Club in a unanimously adopted a resolution demanding that country’s leading legend Zuhra Karim , who was founder Editor of SHE Magazine may be awarded with a Presidential Award. The demand was made at condolence reference held under the auspices of KEC at a local hotel, Saturday. It may be recalled that Zuhra Karim had breathed her last week after a brief illness.

The resolution said that Zuhra Karim also held the rights of women’s and had been practically working for human rights. She owned a unique mode and had a special place in journalism. She did not just reflect the fashion in her magazine named SHE and also turned it into a social magazine. Women were convinced of development and they wanted to teach something to women.

The condolence reference among others was attended by President of the Club Mubasher Mir, Secretary General Manzar Naqvi, Senior Vice-President Mukhtar Aqil, a renowned banker Ibne Hassasn, Zuhra Karim’s son Javed Qureshi and his wife Sonia Qureshi, Nadira Sheikh, Bilqees Seema, Dr. Sikandar Ali, and Javed Sultan. Dr. Sikandar Ali also presented his poem ‘Mother’ on the occasion.

KEC President, Mubasher Mir, in his address on the occasion, said that Zuhra Karim gave such a magazine which was badly needed by them. He said Zuhra Karim’s services in journalism will always be remembered. He said Zuhra highlighted the SHE magazine in a different way, and today her family members have especially participated in this condolence reference.

He said that besides serving the field of journalism she served the community as well. She also brought up her children in an effective manner and took care of her family as well. He said Zuhra Karim is a big name of Pakistan’s media industry and the resolution passed today has demanded that the government should confer post-humous Presidential Award on her.

Zuhra Karim’s son Javed Qureshi, in his address said that she was a good editor and also a good mother. He said, she had two qualities that she was carrying along with her. What I am today is the result of her upbringing, he added. He said, she never compromised on wrong thing of anyone who big he/she may be and always called wrong as wrong and right as right. She enjoyed plenty of anchorage and she always stuck on her decisions. She used to work lovingly for long hours and I consider that her death has caused immense damage to country’s journalism because she used to take part in social activities along with journalism.

Ibne Hassan, in his address, said that he has seen journalism but journalists such as Zuhra Karim are very few who keep journalism moving forward in an innovated manner, and win a special place for themselves. He said she will be remembered in the media forever. He said the work she has done for women is very rarely done by women. He said Zuhra Karim had dedicated herself to Pakistan’s journalism and not only this but besides social work she also gave full attention on her family and left no stone unturned in bringing up her family. She took the SHE magazine ahead in a modern manner which was heartily welcomed by women at large, he said adding that her SHE magazine enjoys a great place in Pakistani journalism. He said Zuhra Karim was very cheerful soft-hearted women.

Manzar Naqvi, in his address, said that when there will be no media then there will be no one to speak for the righteousness. Her life is surrounded by truth and righteousness and her magazine enjoyed a special place in the country as a result of which our society is forwarding towards a good direction owing the role being played our media. He said the today’s youth is very talented; they know to utter the truth and support and listen to the truth. He said women like Zuhra enjoy an important place in society and the nation highly appreciates such women.

Ibne Hassan presented the resolution for conferment of the Presidential Award for Zuhra Karim on behalf of the Karachi Editors Club which called upon the government to award Presidential as well other awards on her.

Mukhtar Aqil, Senior Vice-President of KEC said, “The death of Zuhra Karim is an irreparable loss for journalism and her absence will will always be felt.” He said the role played by her in the journalism field will be remembered forever. Citing some examples from the past he admitted that she supported him a lot and she used to like and appreciate his stories given for Daily News. He said these are bad days for country’s journalism as many of our colleagues including Idris Bakhtiar, Rehmat Ali Razi and Shabbir Chaudhry left us this year.

He prayed that Allah Almighty may rest all these departed souls in eternal peace and may give patience to the bereaved families to bear their irreparable loss with fortitude. He further said that Zuhra Karim was a cheerful and brave journalist.

Zuhra’s daughter-in-law Sonia Qureshi, in her address, said she was also a good editor besides being a good mother-in-law and she learned a lot from her. “She liked the new age requirements for women and she always guided me. She worked for them for a long time. She always gave importance to her family and was extremely hardworking woman as well. Such women are only one hundred,” she concluded.

Earlier, Fateha was offered for all those Pakistani journalists who lost their lives during the year 2019.

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