Heels coming to Karachi next month: Ashraf Mayia

Mr. Ashraf Mayia, Chief Executive Officer of well renowned brand “Heels” for ladies’ footwear and accessories said: right now our clientele is mostly met through imports and via vendors and Karachi is big market and we plan to have our own manufacturing set-up in the near future. He was speaking to our correspondent in content to upcoming launch of “Heels” in Karachi for the first time at the prestigious and recently launched LuckyOne mall, “Heels” is coming to Karachi for first time after spending five years in Punjab and Khyber PukhtoonKhwa.

He further said that: starting off from Lahore where are now running three outlets successfully, we moved on to other parts of Punjab and then moved on to Khyber PukhtoonKhwa and now after establishing the brand and making it a house-hold name among middle and upper class of Lahore, Multan, Gujrawala, Peshwer, Mardan, Abbottabab, Mansehra and Swat now we plan come to Karachi very humbly. according to the CEO Karachi’s outlet will be his 11th outlet and hopes to have few more outlets here in Karachi.

“Heels” is more than just another name in ladies’ footwear and accessories. It is a perspective; an attitude; a lifestyle; a complete entity in its own league.

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