You are currently viewing HBL launched a new company, HBL Zarai Services, at Burewala in Punjab.

HBL launched a new company, HBL Zarai Services, at Burewala in Punjab.

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HBL launched a new company, HBL Zarai Services, a significant step forward in Pakistan’s agricultural development and food security, in Burewala today. This aligns with Pakistan’s strategic priorities and is under the visionary scope of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

HBL Zarai Services, a fully owned subsidiary of HBL, is Pakistan’s pioneer agriculture-specialized extension services company. HBL Zarai Services aims to empower farmers and enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability throughout the agriculture value chain by providing access to essential resources and expertise. With a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, HBL Zarai Services seeks to promote responsible agricultural practices that ensure the long-term viability of farming communities and natural resources.

HBL remains grateful to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the regulators for the trust and confidence they have reposed in the Bank by opening this subsidiary.

The inauguration ceremony for HBL Zarai Services was attended by clients, regulators and senior executives of the Bank. The chief guest for the event was Dr. Inayat Hussain, deputy governor of SBP.

On the occasion of the ceremony marking the launch of HBL Zarai, Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman – of HBL, said, “We have been actively pursuing programs and introducing solutions for the growth and progress of the Agricultural Sector since the privatization of the bank in 2004. Al’Humdullilah HBL Group is today the single largest institutional provider of financial services for this segment of the economy, directly impacting over 350,000 farmers. With the formation and launch of HBL Zarai, Insha’Allah, we will be able to host advisory and input services along with offtake and warehousing right at the farmer’s doorstep through Deras – dedicated distribution and service centres etched among the heart of the farmlands, thus ensuring food security and income enhancement for the farming communities throughout the country.”

Ten more centres will be built in Punjab this year and fifty-five in three years to facilitate small to medium-sized farmers nationwide. HBL Zarai Services announced the provision of fertilizers at a controlled rate by the government.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL, emphasized the Bank’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, stating, “Pakistan’s agricultural landscape stands at a critical juncture. While agriculture remains the backbone of our economy, its potential to drive growth and prosperity has yet to be fully realized. HBL has long recognized the mutual relationship between economic progress, social development, and a thriving agricultural economy. HBL Zarai Services emerges as a beacon of hope, signalling our commitment to fostering positive change and promoting food security nationwide.”

Amer Aziz, CEO – of HBL Zarai Services, stated, “This unique venture positions HBL to lead in improving value chains across every economically significant sector, thus fostering sustainable agricultural practices and promoting food security nationwide. The prime values that HBL Zarai holds will remain to raise farm yields and empower farmers by increasing their income levels. We will be guided by our vision of ‘We are who we serve’.”


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