Haleeb Foods celebrates culture and diversity with Karachi’s First Adab Fest

Haleeb Foods Limited (HFL), one of Pakistan’s leading food and beverages companies, joined hands with Adab Festival Pakistan to celebrate Pakistan’s historically rich culture and literature. HFL was one of the key partners of the first Adab Fest with CEO HFL, Memosh Khawaja taking the stand as one of the keynote speakers at the event.

Addressing the participants at the closing ceremony of the event and he stated, “Haleeb Foods this year completes its 35 years in Pakistan and has been a promoter of health and sustainability ever since. We are extremely proud to be a part of this festival as it has brought the finest speakers and literary figures of this country together.” He further stated, “Much like the Adab Fest, HFL seeks to nurture the body, mind and soul of the nation and what better way to do that, than through celebrating literature from around the world.”

Haleeb Foods shares the zeal and passion of Adab Fest to not only highlight and celebrate the depth and diversity of Pakistan’s many languages and literary traditions, but also work towards a healthier Pakistan. Through this partnership HFL was able to connect directly with the people of all generations with the legacy of its brand whilst creating new relationships with the participants attending the Adab Fest.

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