Greenstar launches its ‘Sathi Jeet Ka Jashan’ campaign

Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM), an independent network member of Population Services International, has launched its ‘Sathi Jeet KaJashan’ campaign, where people in 34 cities around the country will be engaged in different activities and can win amazing prizes by sending empty packs of Sathi with their name, address and copy of CNIC.

To promote the campaign, GSM will also be conducting on ground ‘Sathi Jeet Ka Jashan’ float activities in more than 34cities in South, Central and Northern regions of Pakistan. The 34-day campaign that was launched on September 10 from Tando Adam will end at Lower Dir, and for the first time in GSM history, Sathi’s on ground activation will be conducted in numerous areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province.

Eight hours of activities will be conducted in each city, where people will be treated to live music, recreational activities and interactive games i.e. Virtual Reality based games and other entertaining activities, alongside receiving education about family planning and the proper use of contraceptives.

This promotional campaign is carried out annually by GSM with millions of Pakistanis participating in a bid to win prizes i.e. bikes, mobile phones, generators, etc.

The consumers are also encouraged to mail the empty packs to PO Box #12558 with their name address and copy of CNIC. GSM will announce the winners of the campaign through a lucky draw.

GSM has a proud history of playing an important role in improving reproductive health of Pakistanis by increasing access to full and accurate information, quality services and a wide range of products.

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