FrieslandCampina and Engro Eximp FZE partner for dairy exports worldwide

FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan (FCEPL) and Engro Eximp FZE (EEF) signed a Franchise Agreement to enhance dairy exports from Pakistan.
In line with FrieslandCampina’s global purpose of nourishing by nature, this partnership will enable FCEPL to expand its global footprint. Together, FCEPL and EEF will serve the Pakistani diaspora and markets which are milk-deficient, as well as uplift the dairy farmer community of Pakistan.

Imran Husain, CFO and strategic supply chain director FCEPL, said: “This partnership will unlock a new chapter for FCEPL and our farmers. Growing our export base will help further our purpose of providing nutrition and improving livelihoods of our farmers while bringing in foreign currency earnings for Pakistan, which is essential in the current economic situation. We are pleased to partner with Engro Eximp FZE as the global franchise for exports and are confident that their trading expertise will be integral to collective growth.”

Talking about this collaboration, Ghias Khan, President & CEO, Engro Corporation, said: “Engro’s strategic partnership with FCEPL is of critical importance. The agreement will increase Pakistan’s dairy exports bringing in much needed foreign exchange to the country while enriching farmers’ livelihoods. Pakistan can serve as a food basket of the Middle East, and Engro is confident that this partnership is a formative step in that direction.”

The agreement was signed between Imran Husain, CFO and strategic supply chain director FCEPL and Kaleem Asghar, CEO, Engro Eximp FZE, at the Gulfoods 2023 in Dubai, in the presence of FCEPL team and Ghias Khan, President & CEO, Engro Corporation.




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