FPCCI shows apprehensions on issuance of letters by FBR

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) have expressed grave concern over the harassment of businessmen by FBR and FIA creating unrest among the genuine tax payers. The Senior Vice President of FPCCI, Syed Mazhar Nasir said that despite the fact that the businessmen declared their properties under the declaration of assets scheme, announced by the government in 2017-18, they are receiving letters from the government agencies, asking them to submit the details of their property which was unacceptable and against the policy defined in the scheme.

He said that had the concern agencies cross checked the assets declared by the businessmen before sending such letters this harassment could have been avoided.

He was of the view that that such action might discourage businessmen from filing declaration in any such future incentive offered by the government and develop a miss-trust between the business community and the government and sabotage the government initiative to broaden the tax base.

He also referred to the government’s assurance that source of purchase of the property would not be asked from all those who declare their asset under this scheme and appealed the Finance Minister to look in to the matter as secrecy was the key element in making such declaration. As such FIA, FBR and other intelligence departments of the agencies may be asked to refrain from such actions.

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