FPCCI salutes Army role for peace, development in tribal areas

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Monday said the business community acknowledges role of Army in bringing peace to the tribal districts. Army has not only improved situation but also played a crucial role in rebuilding and developing the erstwhile FATA, it said.

The sacrifices of the Army have changed the situation and now the local and foreign businessmen should start looking into opportunities in that area, said Vice President FPCCI Qaisar Khan Daudzai.

Talking to the business community, he said investors should be taking advantage of the emerging situation and divert their investments to that area for good profits.

He said that tribal districts have immense potential for investment because of  its advantageous  location, mineral resources and reliable manpower.

The potential of former FATA could not be exploited in past due to security situation and lack of commitment but the incumbent government is serious about it, he added.  

Qaisar Khan Daudzai said that investment in former FATA amounts to investing in the future of this great country, he said, adding that the positive role of Army has won hearts and minds of the majority which is not going down well with some negative elements.

Law and order situation during the last decade has forced many industries to close or relocate rendering many jobless who have a right to earn a decent living, therefore, the private sector and the government needs to redouble their efforts.

The army is doing its best while other stakeholders should also do more for provision of facilities, civic services, infrastructure building and other development to ensure that youth of the area are engaged in healthy and constructive pursuits, he demanded.

The Government should provide special incentives to attract investment in infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, cattle farming, forestry and mineral development in once highly unpredictable region.

He said that in past the US repeatedly assured to set up Reconstruction Opportunities Zones in FATA but their interest faded for various reasons due to their own priorities and interests but we should stick to our own interests.


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