FPCCI holds interactive session on Halal Industry

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) held an interactive session on potentials and challenges faced by the Halal industry which was presided by Mr. Ishtiaq Baig, Vice President, FPCCI. The session was attended by leading businessmen, research scholars and representatives of trade bodies.

In his welcome address, Mirza Ishtiaq Baig VP FPCCI stated that Halal industry has emerged into fast growing industry; attracting 2.4 billion people from all over the world due to safer, hygienic, reliable and nutritious products. Pakistan, with a huge Muslim population, stands a chance of becoming a global hub for halal business, if the government pays attention to this industry. While quoting the statistics, he added that the trade of Halal industry has crossed three trillion dollars but the share of Pakistan is negligible (0.25 percent). He further stated that Pakistan has direct access to 470 million consumers of halal products in Central Asia, Middle East and Europe; if we adopt proper strategy and planning for establishing this industry. This industry is not limited to foods and beverages; but includes pharmaceutical, food services, cosmetics, financial services, logistics, tourism etc, he added.

During his presentation, Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Chairman Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) enlightened the participants on the Halal concepts in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah, Halal around the Globe, Responsibility of Muslim world in regulating the industries in Halal-shariah perspective and importance of educating and creating awareness in the various segments of the public. He strongly emphasized on the establishment of Halal Development Agencies in other provinces of Pakistan also and one Halal certification Body administered by the Federal Government. He said that halal products cannot be deemed fully halal if they are produced through a process that is not entirely based on Shari’a compliance. As it happens, many halal manufacturers use interest-based borrowing or other Shari’a-repugnant methods of finance, therefore their products cannot be considered 100% halal. He also invited the Businessmen to participate in the upcoming conference of Halal Industry to be held on 10-11 April in Lahore. HE urged the government to ban the imports of non-halal products and also creates its own standards for the exports of Halal product and Halal industrial zones.

Mufti Yousaf Abdul Razzaq, CEO SANHA Halal Associates Pakistan highlighted the critical ingredients in food products and emphasized on holding the events for creating awareness of Halal products among general people. Mr. Asad Sajjad, CEO Halal Development Council (Pakistan) and International Halal Centre (UAE) gave presentation on why Pakistan still could not get its share in the Global Halal Economy. He stated that India is now the largest Halal meat exporter in the world and Thailand being the largest Halal product exporter with over 125,000 halal certified products, almost 80 – 85% of this trillion dollar turnover is in the hands of non-Muslim countries that enjoy the commercial benefit of the Halal market. He urged the TDAP, PSCIR, PSQCA, PNAC and other government agencies to play their role in the development of halal sector and explore the un-traditional markets for the exports of halal meat. He suggested the TDAP for holding of Halal Expo and developing the halal brand in Pakistan.

The session was also attended by Mr. Irfan Sarwana and Mr. Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, Vice Presidents FPCCI and Other prominent businessmen.

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