FPCCI election: AM-Pak Business Forum supports UBG group

America Pakistan (AMPAK) Business Development Forum has announced its support for United Business Group (UBG) in FPCCI upcoming elections being held on December 28. Forum has congratulated S. M. Munir Patront-in-Chief UBG and other group members for its three vice presidents elected unopposed.

In his statement, founder and president of the forum, Nawaid Isa, President forum’s Pakistan Chapter Shujaat Ali Baig, General Secretary Syed Nasser Wajahat, Media Consultant Akhtar Shaheen Rind, Secretary Corporate Affairs Syed Turab Shah and others appreciated efforts of UBG leadership for the promotion of business in Pakistan.

Continuation of leadership in FPCCI is very important to boost bilateral trade and investment opportunities between USA and Pakistan under the patronage of S. M. Munir. To achieve this goal, AMPAK team will support UBG in these elections, they added.

Nawaid Isa, Shujaat Ali Baig and Syed Nasser Wajahat said election of three VPs unopposed has already guided results of election.

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