FPCCI condemns Indian atrocities and violation of rights of Kashmiri people

FPCCI on behalf of whole business community condemns against India’s illegal actions, Indian atrocities and violation of rights of Kashmiri people.

India has made breach of all international laws.

According to resolutions of UNO, Kashmir is a disputed territory and actions taken presently by India are futile.

We salute to government and Armed forces for their perseverance and consistent diplomacy in raising the issue. Business community of Pakistan whole heartedly expresses the solidarity with people of Kashmir and government as well.

Pakistan should send delegations to all international forums for raising the voice against this issue.

FPCCI should inform to all business communities in the world by sending letters about ongoing Indian atrocities in Kashmir and should apprise to Indian Business community (FICCI), SAARC CCI, ICCIA and Other peace making institutions as well.

Business community of Pakistan thanks and appreciated the role of China, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and OIC for condemning the atrocities and oppressions of India with Kasmiri people.

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