For the improvement of the industrial area will follow KATI’s suggestions, Deputy Commissioner Korangi

President of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) Faraz-ur-Rehman said we are playing our role in highlighting public issues along with the problems of the industrial area, KATI and Deputy Commissioner Korangi Syed Muhammad Ali Zaidi jointly will continue to provide all possible support for the development and prosperity of the industrial area. These views were expressed while addressing the luncheon given in honor of Deputy Commissioner Korangi Syed Mohammad Ali Zaidi. On this occasion, Deputy Patron-in-Chief Zubair Chhaya, Chairman Standing Committee for Local Government Masood Naqi, Senior Vice President Nighat Awan, Vice President Muslim Mohammadi, Former Chairman Sheikh Fazl-e-Jalil, Gulzar Firoz, Syed Farrukh Mazhar, Assistant Commissioner Korangi Irfan Nizamani and others were present.

KATI President has further said that the best coordination between Korangi district and KATI will make the industrial area the best industrial zone. KATI has played an important role in the polio workers’ campaign and other welfare works under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Korangi. He said that the cottage industry is the backbone of any economy. But unfortunately, the government is looking to eliminate the cottage industry.

President KATI said that with the elimination of small and medium industries, the large-scale manufacturing sector will suffer. Without the cottage industry, exports will also suffer badly. Steps should be taken to solve the problems of Mehran Town on a priority basis.

On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Zaidi while talking to the industrialists said that the problems of the business community will be solved on a priority basis, the business community has always played the role of the first force for the development and prosperity of Pakistan. He welcomed the proposals given by the members of KATI for the construction and development of the city and said that the pace of the ongoing development works in the district will be accelerated so that the public can benefit from the welfare projects soon.

DC Korangi Ali Zaidi said that a strategy will be drawn up for the phased solution to the problems identified by the industrialists. Muhammad Ali Zaidi said that monthly meetings will be held between the Deputy Commissioner’s Office and KATI in which the progress of the measures taken to solve the problems will be reviewed. He said that they will provide full support to President KATI in making the Korangi district green and clean through mutual consultation and cooperation with industrialists and the business community.

KATI Deputy Patron-in-Chief Zubair Chhaya said that industrialization is the main need of this country without industrial development neither the economy can be strong nor the country can develop. He said that the condition of Jam Sadiq Bridge is in bad condition and dumping of debris is going on on the alternative causeway which is affecting the flow of traffic badly. He said that many suggestions were given for the rehabilitation of the industrial area which are pending.

Zubair Chhaya said that an illegal cemetery is being established on the Malir River, which the administration should take notice of.

Standing Committee Chairman Masood Naqi said that Korangi Industrial Zone is much better than other industrial zones, however, the industrialists of KATI are working for the beautification of the area on their own, which requires the support of the district government. He said that the biggest problem in Korangi industrial area is encroachment which needs to be solved immediately.

He suggested that a committee should be established in Korangi Industrial Area under the chairmanship of DC Korangi, consisting of KATI members, Sindh Solid Waste Management Board and related organizations including district police to identify the problems and solve them through timely measures.

Photo Caption: KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman and Deputy Patron-in-Chief Zubair Chhaya presenting the shield to Korangi Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali Zaidi, Masood Naqi, Nighat Awan, Muslim Mohammadi and Assistant Commissioner Irfan Nizamani are also present.


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