Federal Minister for Petroleum Division visited KPT

The Federal Minister for Petroleum Division Mr Omar Ayub Khan has visited KPT Oil Pier-1 (OP-1) facility today along with his team comprising Secretary Petroleum Division Mian Asad Hayaud Din and Special Advisor to Prime Minister (SAPM) Mr Nadeem Babar for reviewing the liquid bulk handling capacity of Karachi Port. Chairman KPT Rear Admiral (R) Jamil Akhtar HI(M) T.Bt, along with senior officials of the port welcomed the Petroleum Division delegation at Karachi Port.

Minister and his team visited KPT with a purpose to seek firsthand knowledge about the exact capacity and capability of the port for handling petroleum products. The Chairman KPT informed honourable Minister and his team about the three oil piers of the port that collectively can handle 25 million tonnes liquid bulk cargo. He informed further to Minister Mr Omar Ayub that port also manages additional liquid bulk cargo operations at its berths number 1, 2 and 24 to further facilitate port customers. During the visit, Minister Mr Omar Ayub and SAPM Mr Nadeem Babar took keen interest in the existing facilities of Karachi Port and enquired about complaints arriving from various companies which result in heavy demurrage payments on account of delays. Chairman KPT clarified to Minister about the slow discharging rates by ships on account of less space at OMCs facilities due to either connectivity issues or due to storage problems faced by respective import companies in the oil installation area. He informed further that with a good discharge rate, ships can turnaround from port within a day.

The Petroleum Division delegation also visited the KPT Head Office for a formal briefing on Karachi Port operations with a special focus on liquid bulk cargo handling of the port. The Chairman KPT briefed the Minister for Petroleum Division that KPT handled 9.8 million tonnes cargo in last financial year and that the momentum set in current financial year depicts 10 percent increase in handling of liquid bulk cargo. The Chairman KPT also offered that more connectivity lines can be facilitated by the port and along with more storage tanks at OIA many connected issues can be resolved. In this realm, he discussed options of various land areas with Minister Mr Omar Ayub.

Stressing on the importance of logistics and connectivity linkages, the Chairman Rear Admiral Jamil briefed about availability of land and reclaimed land for the future projects of the port – the KPT Freight Corridor and Special Economic Zones. He informed further that KPT Freight Corridor will provide road, rail and gas pipeline linkages to the port whereas special economic zones provides more storage place to liquid bulk cargo handled at Karachi Port.

Another important project being worked on by Chairman KPT since last two years relating to containerised import of LNG was also discussed by Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar during the briefing. In this connection progress made by KPT for facilitating LNG import through its existing facilities was discussed in detail. SAPM Mr. Nadeem Babar imformed Chairman KPT about NOC having been agreed by Ministry of Petroleum for a private LNG company to import LNG. Chairman further informed the Petroleum Ministry delegation of MoU agreed between KPT, Railways Ministry and private company for LNG and its transportation.

Mr. Omer directed for an early follow up meeting in next 7 days to address common issues relating to import of POL products.

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