FBR reopens Shaheen Air Head Office

Shaheen Air International head office reopened on Friday after the submission of bank guarantee and successful negotiation between SAI official and FBR officials. Director Marketing Zohaib Hassan, stated “As we had assured before Eid holidays, we have been successful to restore the SAI head office after the submission of bank guarantee and detailed negotiation between SAI and FBR.

It has been a great gesture by FBR as they have supported us and found the lawful way out from the present situation”.

Zohaib Hassan, further specified that due to the Eid holidays, SAI head office sealed situation was prolonged and now matters with FBR were settled. He also said that Shaheen Air’s Post-Hajj operation will also start from Monday 27th August.

He further added “In few days SHAHEEN AIR will also resume its domestic operation. We are thankful to our employees and stakeholders that they supported SHAHEEN Air in its gradual transition”.

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