Faysal Bank collaborates with CEIF IMSciences in Islamic Banking

Faysal Bank joined hands with the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) department of Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF) for the promotion of Islamic Banking through funding their project “Islamic Banking Awareness, Scholarship, and Research”. The collaboration between Faysal Bank and IMSciences CEIF hopes to further develop Islamic banking research, education, and industry.

The project will give out scholarships to deserving students enrolled in Islamic Banking and Finance programs at CEIF IMSciences .Mr. Yousaf Hussain, President and CEO FaysalBank commented “We are committed to transforming into a full-fledged Islamic banking financial institution over the next few years. Our partnership with CEIF IMSciences is a step towards the growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan. Our aim is to facilitate the youth and empower them to play their part efficiently in the fast growing Islamic banking industry”.

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Director IMSciences and Dr. Karim Ullah, Head of CEIF department highlighted the CEIF vision to transform the current Islamic Finance landscape in the country through a novel integration of Islamic Finance education, research, and best industry practices by publishing international books, scholarly papers and conferences.















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