Fashion House Nickie Nina set to pay tribute to Nickie Nazir

Pioneering fashion house Nickie Nina is set to introduce a collection and fashion film in tribute to the brand’s creative director, Nickie Nazir (late). The dynamic sister duo of Nickie Nazir and Nina Khan launched their eponymous brand in 1990, and went on to shape and define Pakistani fashion. Nickie and Nina have built and evolved their fashion house, crafting designs steeped in the South Asian art and craft heritage, with a contemporary vision, for over three decades. Tragically, Pakistan lost a fashion luminary in Nickie Nazir, with her passing earlier this year.

To honour her legacy and celebrate her enduring influence, the Nickie Nina fashion house will launch a collection and fashion film, Nickie, by Nickie Nina on the 22nd of September, 2023. This is the last collection designed by Nickie, in collaboration with Nina, before her passing.

“Nickie’s essence embodies elegance and grace, a timeless presence that resonates through each carefully crafted stitch, every nuanced shade, and every distinctive silhouette that graces our creations. The journey of conceiving this collection and film has been profoundly emotional, and paying tribute to her enduring legacy is a humble acknowledgement when measured against the deep influence she wielded within our fashion community.” Said creative director of Nickie Nina, Nina Khan.

She added, “Today, Nickie’s legacy of excellence, innovation, and beauty lives on in in our team of talented designers and together, we will continue our long history of fine design.”

Nickie by Nickie Nina has been directed by Abdullah Harris and photographed by Khawar Riaz. This tribute collection and film features a stellar lineup of those who played a significant role in the life and the work of the late Nickie Nazir, including Mira Sethi, Hira Mani, Nadia Jamil, Nusrat Jamil, Vaneeza Ahmad, Mehreen Syed, Fouzia Aman, Fatima Hasan, Jaweria Ali and Eesha Assad; with creative style direction by Tabesh Khoja of Nabila, Hair & Make up by the team at Nabila, art direction by Yousaf Shahbaz and jewelry by Neemar.

A labor of love, the Nickie by Nickie Nina fashion collection draws inspiration from the intersection of the eras of the Mughal Empire and British Raj; Nickie fuses classic opulence with timeless allure in a depths of reds to the soft, subtle hues of pink and ice blues.

Indeed, the Nickie Nina brand story will continue, charting its course under the guidance of Nina Khan and embodying the very roots, vision, values and talent that Nickie embodied. Nina has been instrumental in bringing this collection to life—a collection that not only pays homage to Nickie’s legacy but also stands as a testament to Nina’s enduring commitment to the brand they both nurtured.


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