Event in the honor of M.S Aiman

Literary committee and social forums of Arts council Karachi has organized an event in the honor of M.S Aiman a critic and humorist writer, to glorify his literary services. On the moment the author himself said that if you will ask my coworkers about me they tell you that I used to be overworked and left everything to become writer. But I became a writer incidentally, that’s what I says.

President social student forum Nafees Ahmed Khan in his speech said that M.

S Aiman is a genuine person people acknowledge his massive achievements. Later Dr. S.M Moin inaugurated a calendar made by M.S Aiman and presented him shield along with Nafees Ahmed Khan. Waqar Zaidi, Shahid Hussain, Kiran Siddiqui & Shahid Mahmood deliberated their thoughts on the happening. This event was hosted by Ali Hassan Sajid.

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