Environmental issues will be addressed on a priority basis, Additional Chief Secretary Environment

Observance of environmental laws is mandatory for all. The government is taking steps to address the environmental issues of the province on a priority basis. These views were expressed by Additional Chief Secretary of Environment and Climate Change Sindh Muhammad Hassan Iqbal on his visit to the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI).

On occasion, KATI President Salman Aslam, KITE CEO Zubair Chhaya, Chairman Standing Committee on Environment Saleem-uz-Zaman, Senior Vice President Maheen Salman, Vice President Syed Farrukh Qandhari, Ehteshamuddin, Sheikh Fazal Jalil, SM Yahya, Masood Naqi, Additional Secretary Environment Ayan Mustafa Bhutto and others were also present.

Additional Chief Secretary Environment and Climate Change said that we are facing many challenges in terms of environmental improvement, and steps are being taken to address the issues. Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal said that they are trying to make full use of modern technology to eliminate environmental pollution. He said that policy formulation would be implemented on a priority basis to bring innovation in environmental, industrial development and address issues.

Earlier, KATI President Salman Aslam said that the industrialists want to prioritise adopting world-class environmental standards, but it is difficult due to procedures and legal issues by the government.

Salman Aslam said that KATI fully cooperates with the environment department to implement environmental laws.

President KATI said that if the environmental departments provided facilities to the industrialists, they would take all possible steps to ensure compliance with industry laws.

Karachi needs more than 5 combined effluent treatment plants. Suppose the industrial activities in Karachi have more governmental issues than in other cities of the country. In that case, the environment department must fulfil the responsibility and focus on providing facilities in Karachi. CEO KITE Zubair Chhaya demanded that EPA set up help desks in all industrial associations. He said that old transport is still running in the city in which 50-year-old buses are being used, increasing the pollution of the town by emitting smoke.

Saleem-uz-Zaman, chairman of the KATI Standing Committee on Environment, said that amendments were needed to the laws, adding that industrialists wanted to implement environmental regulations. Still, it wasn’t easy to do so without modifications. He said that the obstacles to completing the Combined Effluent Treatment Plant in Karachi should be removed immediately, and the development work should be expedited. Saleem-uz-Zaman noted that the technical committee should be activated with the representation of the city’s industrial zones so that the policy could be formulated in consultation with all the stakeholders. He said that the department should be proactive to carry out its environmental duties in the best possible way. He said that the institutions have to work together to better the environment. Eliminating economic and ecological problems requires scientific research that can solve the issues facing society.

“We do not want to harm the industry environment in any way. Our commitment is to protect and motivate the environment,” he said.

Photo caption: KATI President Salman Aslam presenting a hield to Additional Chief Secretary Environment Muhammad Hassan Iqbal. On occasion, Zubair Chhaya, Saleem-uz-Zaman, Maheen Salman, Syed Wajid Hussain, and Additional Secretary Environment Ayan Mustafa Bhutto are also present.

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