Engro raises awareness on the International Day of Rural Women

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To celebrate the efforts and the spirit of Pakistani rural women, Engro highlighted International Day of Rural Women today creating awareness about the day and reiterating its commitment towards women empowerment. Through the International Day of Rural Women and related events, Engro aims to play its role in empowering rural women within the society for a better and brighter tomorrow. The company has deployed multiple projects to bring rural women at par with their male counterparts in the rural areas. During these projects Engro has had the opportunity to work with international partner organizations like UNDP, USAID, MEDA and KFW-DEG and World Learning providing agri related skills and vocational trades to over 20,000 women over the last six years. Some of these award-winning programs and projects include Community Empowerment through Livestock Development and Credit (CELDAC); Women Empowerment through Livestock (WELD); Strengthening Entrepreneurs and Dairy Stakeholders Network (SEaDS Net) and basic primary education.

Speaking at the ceremony, Aman Ul Haque – Head of Engro Foundation said, “Women are already doing the brunt of the work in rural Pakistan. The private sector needs to further empower these women so that they earn for themselves which we know helps in sending more children to school, more savings for the family and better family planning.  Our experience in the rural area shows that once women start earning independently, they are less threatened by male dominated societies. . Wefirmly believe the integration of women in business activities is the way forwardto have a progressive and more productive society, and this integration can be achieved through the provision of skills  and inclusion of women in business value chains.”.

In another program aimed at capacity building of rural females Engro has devised the We-Connect program to facilitate women of Ebrahim Hyderi and Rehri , a coastal community in Karachi.  Through this program women will be trained in vocational skills and entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to gain employment and empowerment.

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