Engro Corporation celebrates its Grand #Share4Share

Pakistan’s most prominent leading conglomerate, Engro Corporation, recently celebrated the magnanimous achievements and impact of its Ramadan campaign drive for the year 2018 titled #Share4Share. Engro Corporation achieved a major historic milestone by conducting such an activity for the very first time on such a massive scale. Under the campaign, people shared online posts amongst their friends and family. With each share, Engro pledged to donate a ration box meant for the less privileged people.

Commenting on this prodigious campaign, Engro Spokesperson said “Everyone at Engro is extremely proud of the #Share4Share Campaign held this year, as the purpose of the campaign was to create awareness regarding malnutrition, food shortage, and food wastage, and its impact on our society as well as on a global scale. We at Engro focused on the goal of ‘zero hunger’ and established a campaign around it, highlighting these issues in the month of Ramadan with the sole aim of creating awareness among the public about these critical issues in Pakistan, which are happening right now! This is something we are passionate about, and endeavor to continue playing our role to spread knowledge and urgency, and work toward alleviating hunger by providing tools and skills to those in our value chain, and carrying out more activities like we have done this Ramadan.”

Engro, with the help of 3 different NGOs –Binte Fatima, SOS Village, and Saylani Welfare Trust – distributed the ration boxes to the needy. Engro is a socially responsible company and has always held the values of giving back to the people of Pakistan close to its heart. Engro Corporation has initiated various programs of action that have been extremely helpful in connection with the development and sustainability of our society as a whole.

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