EFP advocates adoption of MNE Declaration by Enterprises

Peshawar: Majyd Aziz, Former President of the Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP), highlighted the significance of the Multinational Enterprises (MNE) Declaration in his keynote address during a tripartite meeting organized by EFP in Peshawar. He emphasized that the MNE Declaration provides essential guidelines for enterprises, government bodies, workers, and employer organizations regarding training, employment, working conditions, and labor standards.

Majyd Aziz underscored that the MNE Declaration also presents an opportunity to amplify positive social and labor impacts, contributing to the achievement of Decent Work. He urged multinational companies in Pakistan to support employer organizations and facilitate labor unions. Additionally, he advocated for the government’s ratification of International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Harassment and Violence at the Workplace.

Faker Alam, Secretary Labor KP, commended EFP’s efforts in raising awareness and promoting the implementation of the Declaration’s principles. He acknowledged that the MNE Declaration offers clear guidance on the roles of the government, workers, and employers in realizing decent work and ensuring the sustainability of enterprises.

Dr. Yousuf Sarwar, Chairman EFP KP, welcoming the participants, stated that the tripartite meeting aimed to create awareness and enhance understanding among stakeholders regarding how businesses can positively contribute to development and adopt responsible business practices. He expressed appreciation for the support and contribution of the ILO in organizing the program and building the capacity of constituents to promote social dialogue.

Razam Khan, President Pakistan Workers Federation KP, stressed the need for bilateral dialogue, emphasizing that the current economic challenges require joint efforts from workers and employers. He highlighted the inadequacy of the skills development system in the province, which fails to equip the workforce with the necessary skills for both local and international employment.

Muhammad Iqbal, President Mutthaida Labor Federation KP, lauded EFP and ILO for organizing the tripartite meeting, emphasizing the importance of the MNE Declaration in achieving decent work rooted in labor standards. He addressed the increasing unemployment and lack of social protections, emphasizing the necessity to ensure compliance with labor laws.

Mr. Ishaq, the immediate past president of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, emphasized the need for enterprises to adopt the MNE Declaration and comply with international labor standards for sustainability. He suggested that labor laws should be rationalized and simplified to be more industry-friendly.

In his concluding remarks, Muhammad Irfan, Director Labor, stressed the importance of social dialogue in developing working relationships between stakeholders. He assured that the government is aware of its responsibilities to address issues raised by employers and workers, including improving governance and the quality of services of social security schemes.

Irfan informed that the Labor Department is taking measures to protect workers’ rights and support enterprises in increasing productivity. He highlighted plans to establish an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) unit to provide guidance, risk assessment, and training to enhance workplace safety and productivity.

Earlier, the meeting featured addresses from Mr. Ashfaq, DG EOBI, Mr. Raziq, Director Social Security, Humayun Nazir, Director EFP, and Syed Nazar Ali, Secretary General EFP.

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