Digital job fair STEM Forward 2020

More than 1400 students, engineers and energy-sector professionals from Pakistan, South Asia and across the globe participated in the first ever digital job fair during the pandemic time. This two-day event is organized by Women In Energy Pakistan (WIE) in partnership with fellow women-led communities, Women Engineers Pakistan, Women In Tech PK, and Code Girls, to promote workforce participation of women in the STEM and the Energy sectors.

STEM Forward 2020 Job Fair was designed in response to COVID-19 to it help connect anxious fresh graduates and young professionals with STEM and Energy sector employers. The Pakistani workforce is facing unprecedented challenges this year with the drastic impact of COVID-19 in every sector. With a mission to help connect employers and job seekers with digital ease and training, STEM Forward 2020 Job Fairwill have more than 60 participating institutions from local and international power utilities, energy sector organizations and academic institutions from Pakistan.

H.E. Wendy Gilmour, High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan and H.E. Lis Rosenholm, Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan were keynote speakers along with other guests peakers including Ahsan Zafar Syed, CEO, Engro Energy Ltd; Mr Najy Benhassine, Country Director Pakistan, World Bank and Melinda Good, Operations Manager, World Bank

“A wonderful vision for Pakistan’s future: a green economy energized by the full participation of women!” H.E. Wendy Gilmour, High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan

“Platforms like Women In Energy, which are established to build strong networks, will definitely facilitate growth and career for women in Pakistan” Ahsan Zafar Syed, CEO Engro Energy Ltd.

With Engro Energy and K-Electric at the forefront as lead sponsors, top Pakistani companies such as WAPDA, Telenor, Contour Software, 10Pearls, HBL; as well as top tier Universities such as NED, UET Lahore, NUST, ITU, and LUMS, among others participated in this event.

The two-day event offered a wide array of interactive and engaging segments including exhibitor e-booths, capacity-building workshops, breakout track sessions and live discussions. This was more than just a Zoom-based webinar – the online platform hosting this unique event allowed for real-time one-on-one networking between candidates as well with company representatives.

“STEM Forward 2020 covers Science, Technology, Engineering and Energy – and we could not be prouder to be able to facilitate our collective 1500+ candidates!” Nameerah Hameed, Founder of Women In Energy Pakistan

With 1500+ registered attendees, the event welcomed participants from all over Pakistan from diverse fields.

“Our partnerships were critical. Engro Energy, K-Electric and World Bank were significant enablers in achieving the success we did with this event.” Hira Wajahat, Co-Chair Women In Energy Pakistan

A key strategic partner of the job fair is South Asia Women in Power Sector Professional Network (WePOWER). The World Bank’s South Asia Gender and Energy Facility supports WePOWER and its partners as the interim secretariat of the network.

Through this support, and working with a number of public and private institutes, we are honored to be the conduits for a successful Virtual Job Fair.”Seher Abbas, Co-Chair Women In Energy Pakistan

“We are incredibly proud to have orchestrated this event on a national scale.” Ramla Qureshi, CEO Women Engineers Pakistan.


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