Depleted and dangerous condition of bridges on Hub River

Mr. Yakoob Karim, President Lasbela Chamber of Commerce in a press release issued today, expressed his deep concern on the depleted and dangerous condition of bridges on Hub River. A big hole has been developed on the bridge. Traffic to and from Hub badly effected due to this reason. Although the repair work has been carried out, but still the bridge is not fully operational since five days.

Mr. Yakoob H. Karim said termed it as an alarming situation which may result in serious incident if not taken care of. Developing of big hole clearly indicate the depleted state of the bridge.

He said that we were given the good news in our meeting with Mr. Sham Sunder, General Manager National Highway Authority Balochistan South in a meeting with him in September last, that NHA is working on the new bridge proposal as per the orders of Chairman NHA, but we are still looking for any activity on surface for this critical project which must be taken on top priority.

He said that the industrial community, workers and staff of the factories besides public living in Lasbela district and those commuting on this important part of highway connecting Karachi with the entire province Balochistan are highly concerned on the dangerous condition of the road and on no visible action towards a permanent solution of the problem.

Mr Yakoob further stated that this bridge is the life-line for the people of Hub and the Hub Industrial Area where about 95% of the industries of Baluchistan, are situated and from where more than 70% revenue of Baluchistan is generated. Any damage to this bridge rendering the same to become not useable, will cause heavy losses to the people of Lasbela and Baluchistan and the industries will also heavily suffer.

There is no alternate to this bridge to reach Hub and beyond. The Hub bi-pass is not still operational, he mentioned. He requested the Chief Minister of Balochistan to take notice of this situation and order for immediate construction of new bridge.

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