Dawlance supports Pakistan Climate Conference 2022 as Platinum Sponsor

The #1 Home-Appliances brand of Pakistan – Dawlance was the ‘Platinum Sponsor’ of the ‘Pakistan Climate Conference’ 2022, recently organized by the OICCI in Karachi.

This initiative by Dawlance is in sync with the sustainability-vision of its parent-company – Arcelik, which is the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe. Dawlance has a strong commitment to protect the Earth’s environment and prevent climate-change for a brighter future.

The ‘Pakistan Climate Conference’ will lay the foundation for a dialogue on climate-change, engaging many resourceful stakeholders and creating awareness among the common citizens. A long-term action-plan will follow this forum, to help Pakistan meet its ecological commitments and ensure sustainability.

Since global Climatic-Targets and best-practices have been adopted by these two responsible corporate citizens, this insightful conference will be a great milestone, on their journey towards socio-economic growth, while keeping the planet safe and healthy for the future generations. Renowned experts and stakeholders were invited to showcase the protective policies and actions implemented by the OICCI member companies to avert the industries’ impact on climate. Many products made up of ‘Recyclable’ materials were also exhibited at the venue.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan expressed his pleasure on being part of this unified effort for sustainability. He stated that: “We will continue to support such great opportunities and initiatives that can help Dawlance play its role towards climate and humanity. This is another powerful initiative by OICCI, inspiring Pakistan to meet its global climate-commitments, while enhancing human-development and industrial performance.

Over the years, Dawlance has developed many technologies that ensures energy-conservation along with their best performance. One of these remarkable product is the Dawlance ‘Dishwasher’ which also promises great water-saving, as it conserves an estimated 85000 liters of water, annually. The sponsorship of the Climate Conference is a part of the “Dawlance for Humanity” programme, which continues to undertake large-scale initiatives to support: Healthcare, environment and much more.

On an international level, Arcelik is also a winner of the prestigious “Terra Carta” seal, which is awarded to highly sustainable enterprises, for driving innovation, leadership and sustainability within their industry. This world-renowned initiative for ‘Sustainable Markets’ is working in cohesion with the Corporate Knights (CK) – an institution for ranking the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world.


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